Internal Suffering – Highest Key of the Illuminati (Liber Samekh)
Genre Rock

Highest Key of the Illuminati (Liber Samekh)

Longing for wisdom own law soon to be declared
About to become a master of the highest magick
Independent and self-reliant, increased devotion!
Intense, perpetual, all consuming state, evolving!

Hadit invoked!
Thee I invoke, the bornless one!
Thou art asar un-nefer!
Thou art ia-besz!
Thou art ia-apophrasz!

I am ankh-f-n-khonsu!
I am the angel of ptah, apo, phrasz, ra!

Will extended beyond the unknown
Element possesses me with passion!
Hear me!
Ar thiaf rheibet a-thele-ber-set a belatha!
Abeu ebeu phi-theta-soe ib thiaf!
Dwelling in the void place of... my spirit!
Terrible and invisible god... invoked!
Hear me!
Ar-o-go-go-ru-abrao soto... mudorio!
Phalarthao ooo aepe!

Feeding upon the death of men, power of darkness!
Rideth upon the beast, mother of abomina-tion!
Hear me!
Ru-abra-iaf mriodom babalon-bal-bin-abaft!
Asal-on-ai aphen-iaf!
I photeth abrasax aeoou ischure!

O mother! o truth!
Thou mass!
Hail, thou that art!

Return to the tiphereth, spirit invoked!
Expanding the source of will, the secret symbol of self!

Hear me!
Aft abaft bas-aumgn!
Identical point!
Nuith! hadith! ra-hoor-khuit! hail, great wild beast! hail, iao!

Striking terror and reducing them into obedience
Representing the quest for ancient, forgotten knowledge
Purified by fire, embodiment of supreme power, the key!

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