Interlude lyrics


Speakerboxxx / The Love Below



Released to

September 23, 2003

Interlude lyrics

Spoken Word
Ten years long, ten years strong
Lastin' long, verses long lastin'
Education, however, the difference between the two
Which do you live yo'self?
Luck of the draw, master plan without a flaw
Somethin' lastin' long leaves the compromising position
Everything that isn't becomes questionable, unbelievable, and becomes weak at some point
Done got straight blowed after hitting some danker's joint
Somethin' long lastin'
Big Boi and 'Dre, the duos who chemistry gave a potion of rare fate
Two Atlanta boys that became men of this industry
For them same ol' boys to be OutKast, raps out-blast and outlast the peers of the game
Move with the groove an' don't let the smooth groove fool you
S'all that it is, believe in the dirty Southernplayalisticadillac-funky-ATLiens
Together, makes Aquemini
Big Boi and 'Dre presents OutKast
So get ready to bump 808-style
To The Speakerboxxx and The Love Below
Two albums, but same ol' flow
Y'all enjoy it, y'hear?
Signin' off, man
Flossin' man

OutKast – Interlude

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