Intense Sex – Department 803
Genre Rap

Intense Sex

Verse 1Millz Davis

She's a actress
Intense sex on a king size mattress
New moves, doing backflips
It's a hands-on job and she gotta pay taxes
Full spin on her exes
I come a lil' late, but I never come absent
Intense action
I told her don't film, this a real life actin'
I'm hittin' off matches
Candles lit from the R&B madness
Cuffin' season kill summertime sadness
My ol' girl kiss my new girl braggin'
Take it off, was an exhibition
See, I beat it up, I'm boxing this, Sonny Liston
No lip-locking when I'm talking kissin'
She need some Vitamin D, that's

ChorusDez + G-Haze

Intense sex
Up and down and back and forth
Beat it to the mattress
Have you coming back for more

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