Indie, B Hermit – Myers & Vorhees (Prod. Pendo46)
Genre Rap

Myers & Vorhees (Prod. Pendo46)


If you want me to be Myers *knocking*
Then I'll cause many fires
I just arrived so I’m not tired

Verse 1

Beat drop, I'll make sure you get chopped
Take a pic of you and crop out your face
It was already burnt by my blaze
You can call me crazy
But in reality I'm pretty lazy
Me and my twin’ll make you hazy
We'll rotate your brain
We'll make your blood drain
Even If I ain't a vampire
I can still be evil, and create an empire
We might drink your blood, from your body, entire
'Cause me and B Hermit are up-coming
Whilе some rappers start dropping
And we ain't gonna stop, till wе achieve something
And even if we get nothing
Damn, we'll still be active
Our bars are radioactive
We'll get your body reacting
Your spine cracking
Your ears happy
And even though some can’t cheer
Can’t support us, they'll be shot like a deer
We could use an AK, for us, payday, for them, mayday
Even though I want to be like Eminem
Some say I’m just too feminine
Even though my twin is inspired by Juice
They say he can't do it and he'll lose


And now you know who is who
And no you don't know, we are true
We might be forming a double crew
Called Myers & Vorhees


Feel like Myers and Voorhees
We gon’ leave the place bloody
You better dip the building if you don't got an evil buddy
This time we gon' leave you in the dirt you gon' get muddy
They can't match us cause we slash like Myers and Vorhees
Ay! Ay! Ay!

Verse 2

If you try mess with us then you gon' get in double trouble
You can't overthrone us, sorry to burst your bubble
I drown in my thoughts like a puddle
I don't got much real friends but Indie a real one, I feel subtle
We gon' pop they head then solve the mystery like a riddle
Feel like Goldilocks, we are in the middle
You got yo' hands on a gun then we playin' you like a fiddle
We heat up the haters like a kettle
We rap with passion, we need a trophy and a medal
These pussies start war with the Evil Twins why can't we settle
The demons sting me with a needle
We gon' go the right way that's where we gon' get guided
Some people doubt me, why you always siding?
My friends ask me to freestyle, sometimes I ain't even trying
I wanna make money to drive a private jet so I can go flying
Up in the air we gonna be gliding
Indie and I feel like Myers and Vorhees
They don't wanna mess with us they gon' flee
We shooed em' way, good deed
Bloody axe in hand. and they plead
Anxiety going through my body like electricity
I stand alone I don't want your stupid pity
Soon me and Indie finna hit up the cities
Like an inferno this shit gon' get litty
We out here chasing our dreams while these haters still watching Hello Kitty
Don't try mess with us you gon' get obliterated
Stab 'em through the neck, I just demonstrated

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