In the Water – Bo and the Locomotive
Genre Rock

In the Water

You're driving with me and we're moving fast
We're going farther than we ever have
Are we gonna make it or come in last?
Are we moving slower than we ever have?

I'm building you up, I'm standing tall
I'm giving it everything I got
I want you badly, and you want me back
Is this too easy? Should I not relax?
I'll be your new wave, we'll ride it out
I'll shoot the curl, and I'll make us proud
I'm learning new things I wish I could say
I'm seeing it clearly but not today
Its been on my mind, but not my heart
Its overwhelming, but not too hard
A big reaction to something small
That's nothing nеw to anyone
You took the high road but I was standing tall
I saw it coming and still took the fall

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