In My Life – Neak
Genre Rap

In My Life


Verse 1

Yo, staring at the ceiling fan tryna catch that feeling
Outkasted rapping past 30 is unappealing
Everybody reaching for levels that's Billboard
You know you made it when it's something they'll kill for
Famous, same old G but nah but life changes
Unfamiliar these brights lights they yield strangers
Penning autographs mannequin in mind aimless
Time flys, the routine's to flee Satan
Any day now I tell myself
Gold Gramaphone polished on my momma shelf
Tuxedos front row nominated the wealth
Got gold diggers in 4s, I'm addicted to quartets
Know it's coming soon seeing days like this
Prayers rugs in my living room, I am convinced
I won't see the beast, belly of it capeesh
That's scheming on my soul with hollow tips for teeth
Word to Fiasco recycle the lines, change lives
For the people that Basquiat flow
Just know life bigger than yourself
Heavy is the crown rocking it, do it to death, what

ChorusDJ RTST [cuts

Verse 2

All prayers everything tryna live righteous
Like poor teachers leave a legacy like of a TIP & a Phife
It's a blessing how when changing lives
Find a quest, find a tribe, find the meaning that lies within your soul
The reason why those Marilyn Monroes front row at the shows with sexual healing goals
A king always seen before he know he a king
The reason why he can't find demons in life's seams not a thought like jeans the enemies skin deep
You gotta elevate before you covered in deceit
The evils want it all no way they dying discrete
Bad rap gotta give em like I'm skipping off beat
Who you be, what you represent represents like Illlmatic, authentic vibes is the key
Perpetrators, violators, getting caught up in cross-faders, scratched out cause they don't flow Avis, they don't go, no drive to bring changes, build legends like Tongues Natives reverse what I stated
Native Tounge’s riddled me that, tryna be what they said I couldn't be get back, whoa

ChorusDJ RTST [cuts

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