I'm Here – Tender Central
Genre Pop

I'm Here

Do you feel the
Do you feel the puppet beneath your crown
You know what everybody wants so
Are you crying beneath that frown?

Oh I'm here
Oh I'm here

Tell me it'll walk away
Tell me to shut my mouth
I'll hold your trembling hand and tell you it's ok
And I hear your frightened, I'm not going anywhere

Cause I'm here
Oh I'm here

Oh and the selfish bite
Oh and the eagles goes raise their voices
Oh and the peoplе feel the time has come
Whеre can they go to search for solitarity?

Oh I'll walk with you
Oh I'll go with you
Oh I'm here

My arms around you, oh I wish I could hug you
My arms are around you, oh I wish I could hug you
I'm here

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