I'm a Metal Head – Apokalyptic Raids
Genre Rock

I'm a Metal Head

I'm a Metal Head
And I am Metal mad
It is just that me and the guys
Make a lot of noize
Like a maniac
Ahead of the pack

Use your own [Metal] head
And now god is dead
Notes fall like bolts
Exorcise the holy ghost

Devil's Rock'n Roll
That's the way to go
I've got a place for me in Hell
When I hear the bell
Freedom - not a lie
Gonna Take it with me - when I die


In the days of Armageddon, starved souls, greedy bodies
Ready to punish, ready to kill
Sword by sword they stand
Strike on strike, faith is dead
Gog and Magog on Nergal's left hand
See the rust gnaws on Michael's mystic sword
Frozen's the lightning in Jehova's hand
Angels it rains from the sky
Extinct planets, pale meteors
Captive of sins, slayed by the word
Born in fire, a plundering horde


Picked angels fall into emptiness
Inverted crosses, damned saints
A dead priest can't celebrate a mass
Ravaged cities, slayed in the night
Black holes, Belial's hour
The Antichrist, born by church's power

Revelations of doom

Havoc in heaven, hell reigns on earth
The sperm of Sodom, born again
So hail Balaam, we will serve
Souls are thirsty to receive your command
Vows of damnation poison the air
Life in pain, 'til the end
The unholy trinity holds the dominion in the
Flickering lightning of a black eye

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