Ilwad – Permanent (Freestyle)
Genre R&B

Permanent (Freestyle)



{Verse 1
All of this is started to feel a little too deep for me
I never wanted it to get this far
?? that i'm thinking about it, you know i've been busy
It's not fair to put you where you really are
You're really looking for something
A little bit more stable than when I can give you
Said, You're really looking for something
That i'm not capable of
Cause baby this is looking way too much
Too permanent for me
You know that I would do it but
You see the way my heart's set up, I
Can't commit to you when I
Can't even commit to me
Are you serious right now
Don't get that way with me now
Oh baby


It's looking too permanеnt for me
Way too [x4
Permanent for mе
Ima need you to slow it down
I'ma need you to slow it down, and take your time

Verse 2

Cause baby i've got all not to show you what tomorrow
Might bring
So don't let me get into ya head, and shield your heart
I don't wanna break hearts tonight [x2
I don't want to break your heart tonight
So give me my space
And give me your time
And give me this ?? that I know you can't wait
Cause you waiting for me
Is it really fair to ask? Do I care?
I don't know
All I know, is that it's feeling a little bit permanent
I wanna stay stagnant, I'll let you know
No i'm not rude [x2
But baby I told you from the jump
It's gonna take a while for me [x2]

Bridge 2

Oh I don't want it too permanent
No I don't [x2
Hey yeah
Oh hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo


Back it up [x2
Don't you see
I will run [x2
I won't look back once or twice
Get you right out my mind
I'm not tryna waste your time [x2
Way too [x4

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