Iluna Perpetua – Dereliction
Genre Rock


Your lore was sold to me
As the fulcrum of all strength
Fairytales to brighten up
A mostly bleak and dreary life

Uncertainties astride the path
They reap your soul and namesake
As grand as they are fleeting
A dead landscape seamless blend

Try as you might
You cannot deny
The white dove only thrives
For those you can not buy
How long can you play this role?
How many lies can you overlook?
How long can you sell this faith in
A vicious god, designed to kill

Faith is thrown into a bonfire
No discernment from the weakened soul
Expensive tickets about to sell out
For an army of oblivious oafs

False path
Vultures leading to a blinded oath
The wicked one comes to bury your soul
Biding time to hide as he claims to enlight

Your lies will be judged
And life will be taken
False revelations pouring from
Freshly cut wounds

Shackled bond in fear
Lonely rolling tear
Down the face of an impious prophet

Slowly growing sheer
Tapestry of sneers
Faceless grins taken over by shadows
Shackled bond in war
Slowly burning stars
No enlightenment without dereliction

No enlightenment without dereliction
No enlightenment without dereliction
No enlightenment without

For most to behold
Breeding ire, wandering souls

For some to control
Breathing fire, ecstasy of gold

A chain of thoughts, delayed, afloat

For none to oppose
Fearing god, for they shall repose

No enlightenment without dereliction
Everything built to keep you inside
No enlightenment without dereliction
No enlightenment
All aspects of life interpreted by
A gaping maw who feeds on raw
Icons to weave infinities
Where lies are sired and in white, baptized

As you close
The curtains
On your mind's
You may feel
As the icons
The universe
In a tongue
They will claim
To know

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