Muze Sikk – If You Say So

If You Say So

Way up up up high
Onto the next horizon
Baby don’t cry
We gon make it out alive

Too many things
Weighing heavy on my brain
Too my lies
To even know what’s going on
Too many past dues paid
Pockets deep in the dumps
Down in the drain

We are not the same
Well whatever if you say

Ooohh Whoah oh oh

I don’t see the rationale
Got me drowning in my drink untill I’m passing out
This is not what expected when I started off connected
Then the world told me the whole world phony

Fuck am I supposed to do
Outta luck without buck and I’m thru
MFs wanna take what’s mine

That ain’t it right
No no no
That’s the wrong move
Lemme grow
The sky might fall thru
The dead might rise
But that won’t really make a difference if you dead in my eyes

God bless my energy
Heaven sent
Heaven swept
Heavens answer me

Can you pop lock drop it
And let it all flow

I am not what you need
I am not what you want
I am not nothing
I’m me


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