If This Is Love – Anthony Enos
Genre Rap

If This Is Love

If this is love
Why does it break me down
Why does it break me down x2

If this is love girl I need to know the answer
Why You Pick me up to push me down but help me up right after
Why you chew me up to spit me out then clean up all the damage
Now it’s everybody else you see but I was all that mattered

Now our hearts are looking weathered
Their just broken and their severed
Wanna stitch em back together but the needle isn’t there

Searching through the photos all the memories We shared
Looking back on it cause I forget what it was like to care

Running fingers through my hair
Every morning you’d be there
Wasn’t time in the day not to not to be right here
We would always find the truth in a game controlled by dares
We’d be chilling with my parents find a way to sneak up stairs

Allow ourselves to show each other what it’s like to love another always started with a cuddle had to try hard not to smother

Nowadays I’m out and under
Forced to sit down think and wonder
What it was to feel alive
The answer always comes to couple

If this is love
Why does it break me down
Why does it break me down x2

If it was Love how did is break us down
If this ain’t fake then I am asking how
Don’t wanna wait I want an answer now
I miss my smile wanna see it but my face it frowns, eyes they drown, brain is under maintenance

On the sidelines sitting out
Not too sure what your about
Or the person you’ve become
I’m not the only one with doubts

We’d be chilling on my couch
Mamma asking did she push you away
I looked up and said aye
She got a lot on her plate

It’s all good I can relate
I get it
Don’t need a hug every minute
She’s worth the time I’ve been giving
She’s making life worth living
So I will run the full distance
I promise mama we’re different
She’s questioning our commitment

I cannot tell her enough
She’s looking worried as fuck
She thinks that we gon split
She sees that I’m giving up

Now while I'm losing somebody
She's losing two sets of love
I'm filled with negatives
Cause you can't have a plus without "us"

If this is love
Why does it break me down
Why does it break me down x2

I guess with love some things are bound to change
I guess in time pleasure can turn to pain
I guess that days of my sunshine can turn to rain
And that’s why on a cloudy day
The flowers they don’t bloom no more
It’s like the light just fade away

Crazy as it seems
I’ve been trapped inside a dream
It’s a reoccurring theme
Every time I fall asleep
Then I wake up in the morning feeling like I cannot eat
Unconscious mind is making sure My body never feels at peace

I remember when I heard that you were with somebody else
My heart froze body went cold the me I know just up and left
And I’ve been feeling empty since
Just knowing that it’s you I miss
Makes me think whatever happens after this
I’ll get through it

Cause love is overwhelming
Its story that’s worth telling
But I only get to chapter 10
Cause I don’t like the ending

Instead of reading you and me
Together thriving happily
I see a chapter scribed goodbye
Obituary - Rest In Peace

If this is love
Why does it break me down
Why does it break me down x2

[Phoenix Echoes Outro]

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