idleyuvi – bleed
Genre Rap


Verse 1

I think about you in my sleep
I just wanna leave
Please, don't go, you're the only one that I need
I-I-I can see u in the corner of the room where i bleed
They all want me dead, they don't wanna see me succeed

Verse 2

Yeah, none of this is real this all just a dream
"I love you, good night," that's what she don't text me
I got tears in my eyes, I can't even read
So many goals I have that I will never reach
I been through a lot, believe me, trust me
My mind's trapped, I just wanna be freed

Verse 3

So leave it all in the past
I'm pro'ly just a pest
Used to hit me up like, "Milo, you're the best"
"How you doing tonight?", how 'bout you guess?
I been doing too much, no, I never get any rest

Oh, I got so many problems that I will never solve
Wanna run up on me, I keep a strap and all my bros
Glock to your neck if you talkin' down on froe
Talkin' down on SceneWorldd, then it's on go
I'm so done messing with that hoe

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