I9 AI – Logan Diss (Remix)
Genre Rap

Logan Diss (Remix)

See a pool of cum I know you’ll take a dive
You be talking shit on an lg aristo 5
Rejected time after time why are you still alive
Every time you see a female you breakout into hives
Boneless wings with fork what are you fucking 12
I know you keep your 6 dildos on the top shelve
Ramming those in your ass like your name is trebbe
Your lucky I didn’t collab on this with my homie seby

When it comes to being a simp your only second to Romo
But that doesn’t make you any less of a homo
Scrolling through your dms am I looking in a coffin
Cause You get curved by every girl vеry, very often
When it comеs to being cool your the bottom of the list
Your jokes honestly make me wanna slit my wrist
If a chromebook was a person you know it would be you
When it comes to liking women I can tell your pretty new

Logan would do anything for the cheddar

Dropped a diss on you last September
Guess it’s time to do it again
Still playing on roblox with your 3 year old friends
Stopped texting Shelby you were to scared to press send
At this point your about as straight as that kid Ben
Can’t tell what’s worse your sleep schedule or your face
Your the biggest disappointment to the human race
I’m so sorry Edith wouldn’t be your bus buddy
Maybe it’s the fact that you look like bugs bunny

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