Back [Call you back, huh?
On the track [On what?
Where that nigga Zack?
Oh he whack


Maybe off on 'em
You can suck it 'til it's soft on 'em
Flow sick, gotta cough on 'em
I'ma bite, what's a bar from 'em
Take shots, perfect dock on 'em
Nintendo with the flow
Gotta pretty center fold
Let me get up in my mode
And she lick it, let me stick it
Put a nigga in control
Up, down, left, right, cheat code with the pole
I can do this all night in the winter when it's cold
I can spit it in the cold, hit it in the snow
I can get you in the zone up in the heat and have a stroke
I can leave you on the boat
We can drink until we sober
Get away, she need a coaster
I'ma genius with the flow
Uh, she like how I spit
She want the meat, primp, poppy
Like I get when I have a sip
She wanna top me
I told her "Meet in the lobby"

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