Sound Of My Bell I Got You On Tape

Sound of My Bell lyrics

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June 8, 2023

Sound of My Bell lyrics

[Verse 1]
Silver mosquitoes are showing me how to react
One facing forward, I'm holding the keys to your motorbike
While we were dancing Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
I found a way to get out of the dark and into the light

[Verse 2]
Heads up, she’ll come out a winner and I'll be the dream machine
The one place that you'll want to go when you’re not feeling well
[Well 10-4?] the rock stars, the screaming guitars, and the tambourines
Who could try and make sense but just won't so that no one can tell

[Verse 3]
And what pretty melody's waiting in line for us now
What kind of feeling I get when I'm listening to [?]
What does he mean with the words coming out of his mouth
Twisted, a bit out of key, so I don't really understand

[Verse 4]
Hand me a warm saxophone and a tank full of gasoline
I'll bend the bones in your body and do my job well
Target ground zero, I'm prepared to get blown to smithereens
Purple bandanas unfurl at the sound of my bell
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