HypocriteOnHere – Remorse
Genre Rap


Remorse lyrics

Verse 1

Having all this time to myself
Make my mind just scream for help
All the thoughts been fogging my dream
Wake up sometimes just wanting to scream
Guilt from my mistakes always keep me awake
I’d break under the pressure of my own self-hate
Always think about it, I wish it wasn’t too late
Blink and times passed and hammered the stake
I hurt myself and hurt others in the process
1 step forward but 2 hurting the progress
I just went on kept spouting my nonsense
I could never evеr even grasp the concеpts
Just gotta try to keep my head on set
In hopes of ever finishing the projects
Leaving behind all that’s left
Better than living life still depressed

Verse 2

If I died, would anyone care?
Thoughts that come from out of despair
Where life hits you and nothing’s fair
I don’t know at this point if I should be scared
To those who lied, why?
We need more truth in this life
Don’t wanna live a ruse until the day I die
At least these thoughts make my mind unique
Want to scream but it’s hard for me to speak
Urges that come through, make me a freak
Don’t wanna go out and look weak
Don’t wanna go out and it all leaks

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