Hypershott Chozen – Smoke Szn (The Session)
Genre Rap

Smoke Szn (The Session)

Told 'em all, "I be coming in a 'Killer Mode'"
Pen and pad I be killing all the syllables, silly whores
I'ma show you all
How to murder beats and make a little guap
I ain't tryna get 'em booty calls
"Okay now, motherfuckers we're back!"
By "WE" I be talking 'bout
Me, myself, and I bitch
A murderous gang in a body of a beast
Point me to the way of the King's Throne
Blood is all you see at the murder scene
Bloodiest outcome, I'ma get you outdone
Razor-sharp, my rhymes are cutting deep
Everybody wanna hop in thе stu, tryna make a track
Tryna leave an impact
But thеy weak punchline, metaphors don't leave a mark
Don't get misconstrued
Never hating just tryna see if y'all can lean back
Way too too crazy like Adobe Effects
Everybody wanna copy shit and put in effect
Thinking they can make a tune make a booty shake
Then 'ey set a trend to debate, "who the best?" Funny
Heard you motherfuckers wanna be me
The only thing you'll ever be, nigga, is hepatitis
Y'all better pay homage to a nigga like me
'Bout to elevate the Kenyan game to a level that you can't be
Never will, never survive your pen too weak
I'm way too sick
And mosta y'all rapper done being washed
Prolly if i follow y'all trends I'ma blow!
I'ma, take you home then we making more love
Then I, pull a machete, I'm chopping you up!
I got, stake orders I be packing 'em up
I be the killer, Michael Myers, better pray to ya God!
Put you haters on hibachi
Then I light it, burn you motherfuckers if you try me
You gon die bitch, toss n turning
Cause you're meant to be hind me
My balls are way too big for your hanging, lil dick
You must be nuts if you thinking I'm not shit
I am is, Hulk with a 'Kilmonger personality'
Take a look, I'm in wreck mode on M-I-C [wha-wha-wha-what?
You talk trash while your bitch on her knees polishing my dick clean
And she won't stop til everything glemaing
And I won't stop til everything I'm winning
And I won't stop [don't stop
Get the fuck outta my way
I'm finna blow ya head then I graffiti walls with ya brains
"Honey can we make a way downtown?"
Then I made away with her power, strip all her powers!
I don't wanna trigger my bipolar
Yeah you're pretty but you effin trippin', so bye Paula
When I wrote this on the mic, premonitions; i'm levitating
Wind blows, when the dust settles
I'm the last man standing
GOAT status, ain't nobody can stand me
Step in the ring, I box y'all like Ali
I'm Joe, whore [Joho] bringin' in back the Maersk!
Formidable, p.s you might ask
Pack ya bags, let me take you to The HyperVerse
The pen game lethal, ain't nobody heard [had] it before
You think you the king, but hell no!
Give back the bought views you ride tends and oh
You talk big, but you really pink within
A killing spree, I'm fleeing, I'm free
On a scale of one to five, they put me at ten
I'm double the worth, double the pace I never rest, be the guest
Back to work, and back to back
I'm back to matricide, bringing the hell to earth
From the sea I rise
I'm here to reap, my scythe acute, I snick a soul
I sneak and go to the Pearly gates I knock, G-O-D he knows
Ayo, I'm unruly
You, never wanna blow some with me
Cause I do supply smoke like an ol'Diesel engine, whore!
Yeah, welcome to SHMOKE SZN y'all

Ayo, what the fuck?
What now?
You shmoked my mic, boi!

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