Hypershott Chozen – I Am KInG
Genre Rap


I Am KInG lyrics

[Verse One
Kings never die, we multiply and dominate
Never tolerate, corny motherfuckers, neither accommodate
Tryna get an accolade hanging on my name
Build a game, with a style that you never seen— we ain't same
I'm made of many sins, I'm a specie not many seen
Murder scenes, many mysteries got me seeking medicine brain sickening, sitting in the car n' I reminisce
Finna make it up wait n see
Gimme the mic, I be blowin' yo mind
I'm another lyricist, been a cynical child
Kissing goodbye, to everybody hatin' on my
Shit, put you on a guillotine fucker, well I might
Hanging by a thread, put you life on a shelf
I be talking in a jest, y'all thinking that I flex
Most rappers in the game are way too corny
Ain't saying I'm the best, I'm a next level for the best, nigga

I'm a next level for the best, nigga, yeah
Yeah, I'm a next level for the best, nigga

[Verse Two
Here's a word to da nigga on the throne
Stop worrying bout the crown, I'll be coming for ya throat
"MENE MENE TEKEL," the writing on the wall
What the fuck it say when you read it? "Fear Hypershott"
I'm a god on my own level
I'm nobody you wanna be a fuckin' rebel
With, hoppin' on a mic give you haters vertigo
Holdin' tight to my shit ain't never letting go, nah
My pen crazy and the ink never fade away
I be killin' everything that be coming on my way
It's a very first breath with yo head under water
Welcome to my world, reign the game, soon I'ma conquer
I kill petty things; pussy, mic and enemies
I know you love dick, I'm talking to you phony feminists
Y'all hella phony, you ain't big as you think
If you can't stand me, you better drop to ya knees, bitch! [suck my dick, biatch!]

[Outro Verse
I be yelling, "Thug Life" in the hood
Everybody saying they got the real element
I got the top floor lifestyle packin' in my DNA—
Cause I'm KinG motherfucker

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