Hutch – Lunch
Genre Rap


[Intro]: So we gettin-

[Verse 1]: So we gettin stoned and then we goin home, back down the same old road yes you know how it goes
Chasin all these hoes spendin all the gold, party is the mode no sleep never eat and gonna grow old
Please leave me alone
When I'm spittin on the microphone party everyday makin money please hold
Ima be the next goat
Ima learn thе ropes, and when I do certainly you know its most dopе
Hear me on the radio lifestyle hollow
Cus what you see is what you get please don't follow
Bitch im a DIY you can't clone or even make a model, I'd love to stay and chat but I gotta go, cheerio

[Verse 2]: Always wanted to be the greatest never the best, there's a difference but I'll be the greatest nevertheless, god-bless
I hope I don't make a mess I truly hope I'm makin sense I got a mission but its kinda complex, you can't invest
I know the best in all of you people, That's why I'm teaching the lesson that the obsession is evil
And I'm running through these pages like I'm running through these ages but I'm breaking out these cages I cannot remain and I should not be complaining
It's a good thing when its raining
Producing growth, for both me and you
Keeps life sustaining, who am I? Don't know but I hope I'm entertaining got a sleep off a toke insomnia
Irregulated yall agree when you read the lyrics, shit is portraying I fucking hate when I hear it
The stage I just cleared In my life you can see it, the sound you can feel it I can do anything ya hear it
Cancer I could cure it if it wasn't for politics, you already did makin us feel so insignificant call it imaginative or call it illiterate this planet is gravitating so words its final destination shit
I think I need an abortion not literally just sick and tired of all the extortion
Verse 3]: Yall is worried about getting yours, closed doors and gettin more go outside maybe take a day to explore look at you before what you worth anymore floating on a sphere call it earth can you get to the poor still need a nurse for childbirth swear its like a curse stuck in this goddamn universe
Yall scared of jury duty at court
Yall to lazy to even be incorporated into the work force
Im the motherfuckin gold and your the quartz
What makes you think you won't end in divorce
ABORT ABORT pullin on a stick full throttle feel the torque the sorts the mortal engine is running its course
Run it back like a circle end up right where I started of course
Yes I know that I'm a dork

[Verse 4]: Miracle fork I'm four points I'm symmetrical but check the bars are impeccable by far the best chemical call me a criminal still so professional spit it alphabetical how incomprehensible like acid I'm synthetical and best of all I'm lyrical miracle electrical Hutch
What's goin on nothin much other than steppin on the clutch gettin rich like kingtut I'm just chillin eating lunch

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