Hunter – Daisybones
Genre Pop


I need you now like a hole between the eyes
But maybe then I could read between the lines
Cause after all I'm the smoke inside your lungs
I'm the blisters on your tongue, cancer in your gum

Oh darling, won't you let me in?
I can feel it tearing at my skin [x2]

I need you now like a bullet in the brain
But maybe then we could get off of this train of thought
We're rolling off the tracks
We're crashing on the floor
I need you now
I need you now

Oh darling, won't you let me in?
I can feel it tearing at my skin [x2]

I can't wait to be patient and I want to be mature
But I'm scared of getting old and just as bored and insecure
I'm not smart enough for romance
I'm too old for playing games
This clock just keeps on ticking as these seconds turn to days
And I wonder what keeps me up at night
Is it keeping you up too?

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