Huncho R – ZENI
Genre Rap


Feat. Verde

Intro - huncho R

Bow Bow
Aye [Yea
Grow Pow Pow Pow [Woo
Yuh [Yo
Aye [Bow Bow
Woo Sayin
Look Look

Verse 1 - huncho R

Opps called [What
Ran through the house
Rocks off [Yeah
Blood down to his mouth
It's me and mines
See-through blinds
Commit all the crimes
Judge gave me 9

Went to the parties
Fuck all the shawties
Bitch I'm so sorry [No I'm not
I'm not really sorry [No No]

Hop out
Spark em
Hawk em
Lost em
Aye Aye Aye
22 the general
She suck on my genitals
Bitch, unsymmetrical
Choke, unprofessional [Aye Aye
Brim shit
Fell in love with a crip bitch

Verde he scoring
We pippen
M Jordan
I plan according
Your bitch stalking
Keep talking
Get to walking [Aye Aye]

Verse 2 - Verde

Shawty want me after the first day [First]

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