Human Filleted – Sanded Faceless
Genre Rock

Sanded Faceless

Here I sit looking at the lifeless bodies left from my five day killing spree
Seventeen faggots lay on the cold floor, still I feel them watching me
With furious intensity I stomp a face and still it lies mocking me
I'll rid them of their faces with my sender, taking their identity

Fifty-grit for the deed of sanding off the skin
Worthless ass-fucking little bitch, now I being

Switch the power on, now I laugh in madness
Pressed to the face I can feel it digging in
One after another, shredding off the facial meat
Tеaring off the lips you used for sucking foreskin
Worthlеss little faggot, this is how you will be left
Every last one, faces ripped to shreds
Soon I will be done, this is what they all deserve
No fucking man should give another man head

I'm about to finish, end of the sanding near
The faces of seventeen ass-ramming queer
I wish I had some more, as I slice off the ears
Slop all over the floor, I've made myself clear

All, disgraces
Sanded, off your faces
Faggots, of all races
Have been, sanded faceless
Sanded fucking faceless!

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