Human Filleted – Reduced to Pulp
Genre Rock

Reduced to Pulp

Tonight we shall reunite
Pay a visit to the burial site
Dig you back up, to my delight
Your half-rotted eyes they do invite
As I pull you out I start to re-ignite
To see you this way is a beautiful sight
Ready to pop, swollen and ripe
Feed you the pipe for one last gulp
Before I beat your body to pulp

My cock unsheathed I shall being
I start to grin as I shove it in

Rancid slut I must fuck
Nothing's gonna stop me whore
Rotted lips are gonna suck
Maggots just arouse me more
Rip your clothes off nasty bitch
Smashing that once pretty face
Pussy knuckles fist the gaping ass

Pissing on the genitalia
Bеat and break those fragile limbs
Lеave you with no dignity
Stomp the chest and break the ribs
Knick the face and shatter teeth
Gag the throat with my meat
Left to find humiliated
Dead, beaten, Violated
I swing this hammer with all my might
As chunks of flesh being to
The corpse now split open wide
Entrails I being to pulpify

Beat ans smash until there's just a mass
Decomposed decaying putrid flesh!

Fucking the dead and reducing the bitch to pulp!

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