Human Filleted – Cunt
Genre Rock


Fucking cunt, liar, whore
Just wanting and taking, but not anymore
Hell hath no fury as a man who is scorned
Till your death do we part

Fucking cunt, do you love me now?
Hung upside down
Hooks impaling to spread your thighs
The only vows you need to keep:
To whimper, to cry, to suffer, to die

The promises broken you're going to regret
Your cunt wrote a check and I'm here to collect

Fucking cunt, it's time to begin
As I ram the funnel in
Your stretched out twat, gaping wide
From all the cock you took inside
A gallon of acid I pour in your gut
Poetic ending for back-stabbing slut
It gurgles and spits as it drains down your slit
Hissing and steaming it eats off your clit

Feel the burn of a womb now scoured
Feel it bore into your depths and devour
Fucking cunt, pathetic and hollow
All of my hate your pussy will swallow
Writhing and screaming, intestines dissolving
Organs are melting, blisters erupting
Acrid smoke curls from your hips
And bubbles of blood from on your lips
Bending down for one lat kiss
I inhale your final breath


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