Human Filleted – Cum Soaked Autopsy
Genre Rock

Cum Soaked Autopsy

Slice open your C-section
Carving out your mid-section
Cutting with huge erection
Fucking you in mind-dissection
Fill you with my warm injectio
Mix it with your yeast infection
Rip you up with great perfection
One more whore for my collection

A bitch who wanted my protection
All your life you felt rejection
Whoring your body for affection
I defile cunts like you by selection

My fists and your intestines collide
Vehemently I widen the holes to easily cum inside

Now I prepare for consummation
Vivisectional culmination

In repugnance I inseminate your wide open cavity
Once a whore always a whore
I yell you as you writhe in agony

Provoked by nausea I spew in repugnance
Ripping and tearing, with you I am sharing
The load I am bearing is all
That your split-oopen corpse will be wearing
Cumsoaked autospy!

I carve and I cut displaying my lust
With every thrust inside your guts is where I will bust
Cumsoaked autospy!

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