Human Filleted – Blunt Force Embludgeonment
Genre Rock

Blunt Force Embludgeonment

Knuckles covered red
Not from me but from your head
Beating through to smash and pound
Through your face into the ground
Clenching fist, bone and spit
Nothing left to recognize
Pulpy mass no longer man

Face bones beat to fragments
Smashing through your brain
Cranial stew splatters
I've reached the back of the skull
Intensely I keep on beating
Back of the skull softens
Knuckles splintered with fragments
As I beat this hole in your face

Smashed ans splattered facial matter
Through your facе and past the wrist
Back of skull begins to shatter
Hеad impaled with my fist
Torn your brian into batter
With technique I punch and twist
Warm and oozing facial platter
Now your life has been diminished
Punch a hole clear through your head
Smash my fist into concrete
Pulpons mass of skull and brain
Break my knuckles on the street
Finish the job
With a cinder block
Swing the brick over my head
Just consuring that you're dead
Holowed face is now smashed flat
Laughing as I hear it splat
I almost left one of the cars
Stromp the gristle, drag and smear
Body intact, face just mess
Crushed your face with such finesse

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