Human Filleted – Bag of Meat
Genre Rock

Bag of Meat

An act of revenge, to torture but not to kill
Leave you alive to suffer, a formless crippled sack
Sucking life through a tube
Fitting punishment, for a human waste

In the basement, no one to see or hear
Your screams of anguish
Tied to a post, secure and strapped
As I begin to work on you with hammer and chisel
To crush and splinter bones
Leave you shapeless and broken

From your toes upward, pounding each into dust
Leaving your skin intact, to hold the mush within
Kept living and awake
So you feel every blow that I deliver
The agony of shattered limbs
Eyes wide open to shrick in pain

To feel you hips crush under
The weight of my sledge hammer
Never to walk again, taking chisels to your spine
Each vertebrae a delicate task
To split and sever from the nerve
Leave decimated and without function
Never to fuck of feel again
Pliers grip every rib, to twist and snap
Leaving entrails and organs unharmed
Still to function, keeping you alive
Jaw broken in several places
Teeth crushed and removed from the bone
Tongue cut out, face disfigured
A permanent freak for all to see

My plan complete
Sagging you slump without support
To survive a sack of meat, fed by tubes you exist
Bags to collect piss and shit
Dependent, voiceless, unfeeling husk
Trapped inside but cannot die

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