HU$H – Are We Dead Yet
Genre Edm, Metal, Rock

Are We Dead Yet

Are We Dead Yet lyrics


Why I don’t miss you
Why I don’t miss you
Why I don’t miss you
Why I don’t miss you

Verse 1

You see it’s pathetic?
The endless rhetoric
Don’t give a fuck, but I think you’re clever
And I’ve been a wreck, big up to Edison
Knife in a socket, I think it’s a preference
I got a shit load of evidence
Close if you roll and you’re wreckin’ it
Holdin’ you back, and it’s relevant
Thinkin’ I’m fuckin’ with arrogance
I have been nothin’ but lovin’ and celibate
Try and flip that, yeah and benefit
I ain’t the demon you live
I am the choice you presented with
I ain’t the dream you forgive
I am the voice of a gentleman
If I’m your reason to live
I think you would never be dead again
Think you would never be dead again


Waste, slapped in the face
Of my mistakes
I have provided for what I have made
You diggin’ deep
I can’t stop crying
When I wake up from this fuckin’ mistake
Kill me
Are we dead yet?


Verse 2

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