Genre Pop


I got love in my heart but I’m stuck in my mind
Them voices in my head always keep me up at night
I keep running and running but I can’t find the light
And I might fall tonight
When I get mad, inside a fire ignites
So I try to keep calm and keep it inside
Try to keep myself busy up overnight

This crazy life of mine

Feel like I’m getting so sick and tired
So I grab the keys and hit the car
I probably shouldn’t have drank before
Pull out the driveway now I’m on the boulevard
Swerving lanes the destination seems so far
Doing 100 in a 30 the pedals on the floor
So I get there and it’s raining so I break in the door
So I go down thе hall and look right

[There she was with anothеr guy
And now I’m thinking what should I do in my mind
I could never ever do right
I fucked up putting you in my life
As I look down and I look behind
On the floor I see a knife
Should I take it, and stab him
Or run out the door on the side
Should I, let the blood spill and run away tonight
Why are you with another guy

[This crazy life of mine]

As I run out the side
I’m screaming goodbye
She said I hope you die
I asked why you always lie
Your love is a crazy fight
So I look at her and smile
This is the end tonight

This crazy life of mine
It’s a crazy life of mine

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