How Many More? – JP Reynolds
Genre Rap

How Many More?

There ain’t gon be no games today
There ain’t gon be no games today
How many more?

Aww man this shit ain’t fair
More blood on the streets
Oh Lord, this anger
Aww man now I feel despair
No love, no peace
Oh Lord, this painful

Verse 1:
How many more do you need to see chopped down
It’s pretty clear you didn’t grieve during lockdown
Shot up in a bed, then a knee to the neck, 7 bullets point blank
Didn’t get it through ya head?
Nah the truth is you don’t want me here
Everybody overcome with fear
All the homies feel it heavy now
Lord knows where it’s headed now
Let it burn
Let it fall
Think I see a war coming
Nah the war been cold
Think I see more coming
Been calling for the rise
Now it’s feeling like the time
All them players on a strike
Got me feeling like LeBron
Got me feeling like Maya
Want more so urgent
Callous hearted even kill us in our churches
Callous hearted even shoot us in the back
Taking all the spirit in me not to go on the attack
Hook [2x]

Verse 2:
Gotta get it out or Ima lose my mind
Gotta sweat
Gotta pray
Gotta eat real good
All of this on top of tryna do my job
Gotta vent
Gotta save
Gotta drink more fluids
Man I just wanna live
Can I do that?
Said I just wanna live
Can I do that?
Steady on the lookout
Where the blue at?
'Cause I ain’t tryna get my brain blew back
In the blue black cold Granddaddy put his clothes on
Went to war
Came back, another war for him
And Grandmama put the work in
But her pay never equated her worth
Old snake, new skin
Know a serpent when I see it
Take 7 to the body, might eat it
Be the reason
For the fire in the city
I done seen it from a birds eye
Forehead burning
Peeking from the third eye
Did you know that I can fly?
Did you know that I can fly?
For my freedom gotta fight
Lotta demons in the night
Getting steeper on the climb
So I’m speaking, it ain’t right
Hook [2x]

How many more?
How many more?
How many more?

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