Muze Sikk – High Hopes
Genre Pop, Rap

High Hopes

Driven by the sun
Tipping over cups
Ain’t no part time artist
From the start
Flying farthest

Bar so high you can’t barter with the hardest
The harmonies departing from my vocal chords are gorgeous

You know who the BOAT
We splash through the cosmos and laugh at you lost blokes

I consume a mindframe like jelly on toast
MFs can’t swim they have to belly up to float

I find my mind racing
Away with my patience
In spite of frustrations
I still stay

High hopes
That’s what I got
Ya that’s what I got

Rise up
You give it give it give it all mf

Hawking every loogy no tony MF
But I feel like Montana bossing up on the come up
Gotta surplus of top notch writtens spitting nonstop
Hitting switches off on
Lit just like a Molotov

I suppose еvery bit of gold shine bright
See my goals as future past deeds
Gassing for thе cheese
Got that acid for ya bleach
Melt hearts with the heat
Solid bars oughta breech through your MF reach

I mean
I don’t know
I don’t know nobody else whose got it like this
Every single mf day and they dedicated?
Hahahaha you just make me laugh
Boy knock it off

Indy Heat Records
And I watch where I’m stepping
Imma entrepreneur
You a prawn to a ruler

I don’t really see the point in even mingling with dingle bells
If I go out for a bitch I bet it sells MF

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