Hell On Earth (feat. Lil Dozy) – Bruciy
Genre Rap

Hell On Earth (feat. Lil Dozy)


[Verse 1: Bruciy]

Had to hop right on with Dozy feelin like I'm lil mosey but these bitches ain’t even know that yet [Not yet
All these niggas they be stuntin while these bitches they be frontin I said where my next album at? [Where's it at?
All these niggas think they cool cause they post up at they school with these guns and knifes and razerbacks [Rawh
I said lil bitch keep the change cause your beauty out my range now a nigga had some fun with that [Ha ha ha
Alcohol and weed bitch they got whatever u need I said I ain't really into that [Nah
Had to go and cop a foreign cause these niggas so annoying cause they brag like where ya moneys at? [Where it at?
Bitch, I'm the one you need cause yo friends they just smoke weed I asked where the fucks the fun in that? [Where's the fun in that?
I’m just posted with my niggas to go out and get them figures now I wish she was a model cause damn [Damn
She so fine, all we do is get this paper ain’t talkin dimes
If you want the smoke there is a clear ass line
Me and dozy tryna get so fine that rhymes [Ha ha ha
Now get me some paper to make time
So I can continue these fake rhymes [Ha ha]

[Hook: Bruciy]

No I wasn't just talking about that
You know what let's just get Lil Dozy on this track

[Verse 2: Lil Dozy]

Yeah, she so fine
I fucked yo bitch and she was a five [Yea
Then I fucked her momma and she was a dime [What
She looked like a lime
My diamonds just shine
You know that I’m on that grind
That’s a different song please rewind
She suckin on my dick like that shit is wine [Yea
You know that I’m alive
And your scared to try
And I’ll kill you from behind [Ok
You laughed at me
Now they're begging for a apologies
Bitch! I’m the motherfuckin prodigy
But people believe that I’m the prophecy
Now they into my property [Dozy
Now she sees that I got the money [Yea
Now she trying to come back to me
Yea, shout out to my boy Bruciy
Yeah he’s not the fuckin phony [Ok
You bitches are the phonies
No they are my clones
My clones go to my shows [Yea
Cause they are known to blow [What
You can’t deal with this motherfuckin flow
But I love all my haters
They are going to see me later
I can’t deal wit then fakers
I’m ballin like I’m Baker [What
Huh, later!
Lil dozy Earth is hell
Verse 2: Bruciy]

Now we just havin some fun
Play back the music
My verses be fluent your work might be foolish gon cop me a cedes your load just don’t do it
Don’t mess with me or you will get hit
Yo girlfriend call me I said bitch i am the shit
Don’t worry about all of this because it will click
And all these rhymes
Will make yo ass sick

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