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July 8, 2008

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The Truth (Live) lyrics

Tell the children the truth...

Your pussy band sounds just like shit

You're not punk rock

You're more like a punk trik

You corporate motherfuckers all suck a dick

I'm an anti-motherfuckin social independent

Fuck the life

I don't want a thing

You buy - you sell - you suck - you pig

Fuck the world

You're a lost consumer

You buy - you sell - you suck - you pig

You sold your time, your soul to Cosmo

In love with a name tag

How bout this toe tag

You got raped by the fags on TV

And the TV got raped by the FCC

Fuck the life...

How do you bite the hand that feeds?

How can I walk away?

I can't let them get away with this!

No I'm not just a nigga

I'm a punk rock nigga

So you know I got nothin to lose

I'd rather pull the trigga

And take away my own life

Before I hand it over to you

Fuck the life...

(hed) p.e. – The Truth (Live)

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