Heavycetti – Sorry not sorry
Genre Rap

Sorry not sorry

Comin' at me 'cause you know I got the sauce, [sauce
Comin' at me 'cause you know you don't floss, [floss
why you comin' at me? I'm too fast on my feet
Screaming help me [help me, help me!]

I'm high like a tree
Don't play with me, [nope
I'm like Jim Carrey, [I don't even know who that is
But with a T

I like Mac n' Cheese
But can't have dairy, [nope
It's so funny to me, [hehehe
You look flat Stanley

I be rappin' for real
I'm goin' for the kill, [Ohhh
You can't see me
Like John Cena

Micheal Jackson no Hee Hee, [Hee Hee
6ix9ine FEFE, [FEFE
He asked if we can talk no chitchat
I shoot you at the park, baseball bat, [whoo]

Me and my friends we catchin' them bodies
Meet me outside, meet me in the lobby, [In the lobby
Nobody wants to come to your lame party, [Party
Baby girl, I'm callin' her barbie [barbie
Thousand dollar right on my body, [body
I don't like you, sorry not sorry [not sorry]

Heavycetti, Heavycetti, Heavycetti, [for real
Heavencetti, [Heavencetti, for real]

Stop playing

UGHHHHHH [hehaha]



Oh me, oh my

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