Heaven Or Hell – Pokeadot
Genre Rap

Heaven Or Hell


Fuck it, it's coming to picking between either heaven or hell
Either the pain or the wealth
I picked a seat by myself and i'm leaving from here
Questions that i do not hear, equals the answers that you do not get
If you don't understand, fuckin' make a plan or you're getting yourself outta here
Too many riches, i cannot fuck with them bitches
They ain't on my stage and them mind games are gonna fuck with my vision
16 years old then i'm pimping
I got a bitch, she from Griffin
She got in poling position
So i had to fuck up a mission
Well, it seems
You mеssed up and fucked my team
I can buy your drеam
Nigga this ain't no whipped cream
You can't keep it filthy
Nigga gotta keep it real G
Nigga gotta keep it real G
Nigga gotta keep it real G


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