Heartless Forever – Chapter II: Heartless Tonight

Chapter II: Heartless Tonight

Wake up, this is not the end
Wake up, this doesn't need to be the end
I know, I've made the wrong decisions
But just remember, no one is close to perfection

Your voice has got me wrapped around our memories
And it seems that you're taking my breath just for fun
Just for fun

So if you want to blame me
I'll be the one to face the flames
I'll be the one to stop the rain
With my own two hands

Words were spoken
I will be thе one that I was supposed to be

All I needеd
Was a little time for me
To think for myself
To breathe for myself
A little less company
A little less of the world
But not of you
But not of you
If actions
Speak louder than words
Then here I am
Then here I am

If actions
Speak louder than words
What are we waiting for?
What are we waiting for?

I'm existing
Not living 'cause I'm
Without you
Without you

I took
Time for granted
And now I'm paying the price
Paying the price

Look at the clouds upon the horizon
There's your name written in the stars
We'll vanquish the night
We'll tame the fire
As long as you stay with me
But just remember
This is not the end
We have all the time in the world
Just don't go

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