Headie One – Fire On The Jet
Genre Drill, Rap, Uk, Uk Drill, Uk Rap

Fire On The Jet

Lyrics from Snippet

The count was violent
And of course it's still violent
shh, there sirens
Will end up on the telly like Rylan
Empty barrels make the most noise
So the hand ting silent
Them man pissed off cah their time's up
Old and left back round with Bravo
I'm top floor, eating fry up
With my bitch from the south, Mulatto
Fifteen hundred to lick man's head
I coulda had man lookin' like Darko
All this beef on the streets gets managed
Ancelotti, call me Carlo
Bad B from overseas
She fancy me cah I look like Marlowe
The nine boys try flip but they ain't doing it propеrly

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