Human Error – HE SAID
Genre Pop


Verse 1William

After hours
And the troop is moving out night crawling and prowlin
Cutting tops up off the flowers, unplugging them routers
Movin, but we movin tentative
Comin home late and get scolded for the betterment
Dodging what’s punishing
And it ain’t, troubling
Ten toes tunneling
Leave them niggas fumbling, aye, aye
But it’s doubling
Fire on my hands from the problems that I’m juggling

Verse 2wilson

Hit me up, come slide
I’ll drop the addy if the price is right
I'm hanging out the sunroof to blue skies
We painting new hues
Strong wind, I break the tide
Left no input, one foot at a time
Been cooking, my hands covered in soot by sundown
Planting deep in the ground now
Let me get a bite or a bite and a half
Had to contact the editing staff
I wanna get fixed, I wanna get shit back

Verse 3Avi

Peace to the gods on the street corner
Never really fond of finding yams and throwing beats over
Giving up my time for my sweet cola
Keep the sheets warmer
Wish I never got to meet my former
Niggas getting sick of me like ebola
Locked up in they basement on depleted sofas
I be building sculptures, streets is over
Bite the cobra, surf the supernova
Never thought you’d see niggas like this from Minnesota

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