He Got Up – Deacon Das
Genre Pop

He Got Up

Feat. V. Rose

Chorus - V.Rose

If you don't know, well you can know now
Don't just stand there looking around
Praise the LORD because he was a man down
But he got up. He got up
If you can't see hope, you can see now
Don't just stand there looking around
Praise the LORD because he was a man down
But he got up. He got up

Verse 1 - Deacon D.A.S.

Now I know the faith walk ain't a cake walk
Man The Saints gotta Pray hard
Yes, we all need grace in grey parts
Cause we fall short of the glory that's Saint Paul
Straying off in our thoughts, is the way it starts
Sin will take you way too far, keep you way too long
And there's a great cost. Involved. That's straight talk
I tell you I carried the same cross
Ive Been therе, Had my share of pain and scars
Been lost and I had to change course
Play it smart. Stay bеlow the Radar
If I don't take nothing for the journey but I take heart
Because we can't lose sight like Ray Charles
Gotta fight like Braveheart, wage war
And Be a light when the day is dark
Quasar- great star. Speaking life in the Graveyard

Verse 2 - Deacon D.A.S.

He's the LORD of the Resurrection
And that's MORE than just idle talk
Christ can RESTORE what you might have lost
And Turn YOUR depression into effervescence
Yes and that's impressive
Rest and Respite FOR the Restless
For the record I've seen his hesed love
Manifest in my own mess when he Stepped in
Cz I am wretched, Feeling less than
Second guessing, Doubt crept in
Was often Lost with no direction
Headed towards a dead end, far from his perfection
Dead in my transgressions and sins
Then he breathed breathe with his heavenly wind
The blood can cover up all your imperfection
Hope and a future like George Jetson


Verse 3 - Deacon D.A.S.

I know you maybe the sunken place
Just trying not to suffocate
And wishing that you could run away, Somewhere safe
To escape, the pain that you don't want to face
The shame when you're so afraid
Those chains that you just wanna break
Of the Hurt that you carry from a younger age
Or the mistakes you made just the other day
I truly sympathize when you've suffered great
Christ can empathize, Christ can relate
Gotta emphasize, can't minimize
He bore our sin when he died But got up from the grave
[yeah] And if the Son was raised
And we trust in the One who saves
Then we're Covered by his grace and His love would never Fluctuate
He won't shut the gate

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