Hawksword – Thrusky And Donald Trump Diss Track
Genre Rap

Thrusky And Donald Trump Diss Track


Verse 1

Hey Donald you are not back on track because you are dissed on a track
This is a Donald Trump diss track
You wanted to run for president in 2024
Open the door
You got sued by seven US Capitol Police officers
Cops and police officers
You said that you would leave the country if you lost the election
Joe Biden won the election

Verse 2

You made racist comments in the past
But let us not dwell on the past
This is a diss track
Homies be talking smack
You got sued by Mary for swindling her out of millions of dollars
Padlocks and lockers
Donald Trump is dissed on this track
Donald Trump you bettеr not talk smack
If you do good things then good things will happen
If you do bad things then bad things will happеn
Hey Trump you made offensive comments in the past
But like I said let us not dwell on the past

Verse 3

You blocked me on Bandlab Thrusky
I am the same person who had the username Tanaka Thrusky
This is a diss track
Like I said homies be talking smack
I am basically taking shots at Thrusky and Donald Trump
I am dissing Thrusky and Donald Trump
Packs and bundles
When you break a cookie it leaves crumbs and that is the way the cookie crumbles
Ferraris and Lamborghinis
Toyotas and Lamborghinis
I did what I did
Lord please forgive me for all of my sins


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