Hawksword – Nah Nah Nah
Genre Rap

Nah Nah Nah


Verse 1

Ain't no gimmick with the flow
Double m g forever though
My flow spit like dragon fire
I'm liable to spit cold fire
Vicious transmission for my vicious ambition
We’re igniting the fuel, passion burning within
Bloggers be blogging
Vloggers be vlogging
I wanna go nah nah nah
I wanna roll nah nah nah
Tuxedos and bow ties
Neckties and bow ties
Yellow like Pikachu
You do you
Homies be selling their souls
Soon as you give the music industry your soul you blow up and they say you've sold your soul

Verse 2

I wanna know nah nah nah
I wanna hold nah nah nah
I wanna show nah nah nah
I wanna flow nah nah nah
Rapping on the low
Trapping on the low
If you know you know
You know though
Ok ok
Ayy ayy
Uh huh
We up
Skrrt skrrt
Brrt brrt
Yeah yeah
Truth or dare

Verse 3

Sneaker deals
Car deals
Messagеs and texts
Paychecks paychecks
Bank accounts and racks
Monеy stacks
Rap flow
Music flow
Pack it
Stack it
Good days come and go
Bad days come and go
Talking the talk
Walking the walk
Flash flash
Pass pass


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