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October 1, 2021

Marvel vs DC lyrics


This ain't a battle this a eulogy
Since '08 every movie I’ve dropped has murdered you brutally
Punk, No comparison who are you to me?
A washed up 2-bit hack, bitch I'm back spitting it fluidly
Look I got 5 infinity stones up on my hand, and I'm 'boutta fuckin snap on yo ass goddamn
Aye yo, it’s time for super-douche and bat-bitch to retire
That versus movie was a Zack Snyder trash-fire
I’m Spiderman in a cypher, you standin' stiff like stone boy
Get in that invisible jet, and fly on home boy
Those Wonder woman movies further fucked ya reputation
Your franchise ain't worth shit even adjusted for inflation
Ya hеroes ain't relatable, ya storiеs too gritty
And every movie after Nolan left’s been horribly shitty
Go form a committee of writers who ain't boring and petty
And get some action in ya scripts, I had a war in the city
And when I bury you I’m doin it for mister Stan lee
Slaughtering every member of the DC Family
It’s an - easy task for me
Slick and dastardly
Kill the justice league
Then script a masterpiece
Faster than flash can see
Every movie I drop has been a 10 outta 10
You drop garbage in the cinema again and again
It’s Aqua man the super-human fish
Man what a stupid pitch
I can’t believe you saw that script
And agreed to produce that shit, look
My heroes hot, iron man’s fresh out the frying pan
And Thor could pick up Harley Quinn or raven without tryin man
The watchmen need to watch they fuckin backs
Or end up dying fam, get wolverine’s admantium stuck inside of they diaphragms
I’m better in every conceivable way
And Just like captain A bitch I can do this all day
Now you can go ahead and say what you gonna say G
But watch your fuckin tone cuz you won’t like me when I’m angry


What’s that?, my pussy-senses are tingling
Looks like marvel signed up for the 4 o’clock fingering
I'm bout to get knuckle deep in this fuckin creep
And I don't need Miss Martian’s telepathy to put his punk ass to sleep, look
It’s funny how you only focused on the movies
That’s because yo comic books can’t hold a candle to me
My movies break boundaries, Yo movies are basic
Same formulaic garbage every time you drop one, face it
The real directors don’t respect the bullshit you peddle
You give your fans nothin but cut-and-pasted crap and they settle
The MCU’s a fuckin joke, that pussy covered in metal (iron man)
Is more of a clown than any joker Including J-Leto, yo check it
My villains set the bar you know 'em by name
Im talking joker, Lex Luthor, two-face, scarecrow and bane
Harley Quinn, poison Ivy, Darkseid that’s quite the panel
But have fun with that barney the dinosaur fucker Thanos
Or steal some more characters from norse mythology, Loki
Can bend over and blow me you unoriginal phoney
I started this superhero shit you owe me
But you fucked it up, you ain't had a good Peter Parker since Tobey
Your timeline’s a mess, convoluted as hell
If ya goal is confusing fans then you’ve been doing it well
And when it comes to video games I reign supreme
The Arkham series is the dopest shit to grace ya screen
And injustice 2, gave the people all of the action
But the avengers just gave 'em more damn micro-transactions
What the fuck? You don’t need Brainiac to tell you that’s stupid
That’s lamer than Hawkeye shootin' arrows lookin like cupid
Or colonel Jupiter runnin' round in his yellow suit with a look on his face
Like he knew captain marvel’s a Mary-sue, and I’m back to burying you
In the bottom of an aquarium aqua man and Shazam laughing
As you blackout like Carrigan Punk
I’m sick and tired of this fuckin schtick ya pushing
I’mma tell cat women to step on ant-man and smush him
Then kill the guardians and chop groot to flora colossi wood
Until you fade away like Spidey sayin I Don’t feel so good

Harvey Seasalt – Marvel vs DC

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