Harder Than My Demons – Big Sean
Genre Rap

Harder Than My Demons


Yeah, yeah
Woah, woah, woah
I know we gon' make it if Mike WiLL Made-It, yeah
New tags, toe tags [Woah, woah]

Verse 1

No more breaks, dawg, it's time to break hearts [Break hearts
I don't take disrespect, I take charge [Woah
I'm in the mirror lookin' at a work of art [Like, God
Hard work don’t mean shit if it ain't smart [Ain't smart, ooh
I'ma run the play up to the max [Like that
So if I don't know you, don't owe you, I gotta tax [Woah, woah
I got enough sense, and I slipped through the cracks [Woah
And, nowadays, I wear my smile like a mask
I'm the idols I looked up to in my past
All natural, Doctor Sebi, you gon' have to CBD me
I been watchin' what they feed mе [Woah, woah
I like when she tеll me with her body language that she need me [Yeah
See my third eye is on Left Eye, I can't let them Eazy-E me
No sir [Sir], I don’t even do flu shots
Clique with me everywhere I go, so every pic a group shot [Shot
I done wiggled out the noose knot [Damn
They been lyin' to me my whole life, I finally found the truth out [God
Like they don't gotta love you if they need you [Woah
Got angels and demons on a three-way [Woah
And they ain’t comin' to no agreement
And I still be feelin' broke up, I'm gettin' money
And my team ain't gettin' cream until we cremate [Whew
Big headlines, I'm talkin' CNN [CNN, woah
I see a hatin' bitch like, "Hi, it’s me again" [Me again, woah
They like, "Why you feel so good?" [Man
I'm like, "Why I need a reason?" [Straight up, straight up, straight up
Lot of salt, lot of shade bein' thrown my way, man
I guess it's just the season [Damn, throw it]


But I gotta thank God though
'Cause he got me workin' harder than my demons [Woah, woah
God got me workin' harder than my demons [Woah
God got me workin' harder than my, hol' up
God got me workin' harder than my demons
God got me workin' harder than my demons
God got me workin' harder than my—

Verse 2

Luther Vandross, never too much [Too much
Now we two up, who, us?
Yeah, real ones learn the work through us [Through
Baby girl wanna dance, wanna groove, wanna vibe
But you know my best move is the one where you end up on my side
The ground on the mountain top feel the same as rock-bottom [Bottom
Quit my fuckin' job, that’s when the real work started
Still showed up every mornin', every evenin' of every season [Straight up, woah
What's the reason? God got me workin' harder than my—


Demon [Mmm
Harder than my demons [Demons, harder than my demons
Harder than my demons, demons, demons, demons
I been fightin' every season
Harder than my demons

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