Hanson Brothers – Pea, Pie and Pud

Pea, Pie and Pud


The Kiwis gather single file
And stand in line at the take-awhile
This ain't no bratwurst, baby
This ain't no filo pastry
Granny thinks that it is no crime
As she drains the peas on a bed of slime
Her gray hairs won't protect her
Here comes the health inspector

Pea, pie and pud [x4]

Mushy peas, Granny, if you please
And I mean right now
Drop a pile of those mashed potatoes
I don't mean late-o
The pubs are closed, so we hit the road
To stuff our gobs full
And I've had too many beers
That's why I'm standing herе

Pea, pie and pud [x4]

No macaroni
No chick-a-loni
They all know what I lovе

Pea, pie and pud [x7]

Oh no

[Put some gravy on it!
[I'll have some fries!
[That's real good, mate!]

Don't want no shepherd's pie
And if you give me haggis, I will spit in your eye
Don't want no rancid pasties
No, that's not very tasty
Just give me what I love
Slap a pie on a bed of spuds
Baby, baby, gimme what I need
Pour on those slimy peas

Pea, pie and pud [x8]


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