GXNE – Bruude


Feat. ELE

I can see you tryna hide it
Your painting sadness when youu00b4re smiling
Stop tryna deny it
The mirror isnu2019t lying

Iu2019m so gone now
Too far gone now

Itu2019s ok to feel pain I feel it every day
Drowning in the saddest of Poison I got in my veins
Memory loss as Iu2019m fading away
You can run from yourself but will never escape
I donu2019t tryna fix things
I know they are already ruined

Im so gone now
Too far gone now

I dont fucking need you [2x
Go away from me

Kill the rest
Pain and shame
Thats my life
Every single
Word you say
Is trash
Only feel the pain
That you give to me
Dont look at me
Like you did nothing wrong
Dont hate on me cuz i did
Nothing wrong
Please go away
You make mu0435 sick

I will make you hang from a cliff
You dont need me
I dont need you
You dont need me
I dont need you
You lu0435t me only feel pain
You let me only feel pain

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