Gunna – I’ll Explain
Genre Rap

I’ll Explain


I'll ex- I'll explain later
[Run that back, Turbo]


I'll explain [Explain
Built up my whole name
Niggas ain't pay the way [Niggas ain't pay the way
Ain't ever been no sleep nah
I don't wanna wear no chain [I don't wanna wear no chain
Ain't shopping out no favors
None of you made a change [None of you made a change
Change [Change
I'll explain [Explain
Gunna don't throw no shade nah
Good music come with fame [Good music come with fame
Ain't got time for no cage
You know police tryna detain [Police tryna detain
Finally bounce in my own lane
Niggas still ridin' my wave [Niggas still ridin' my wave]

Verse 1

Cartier [Cartier
Push that shit in my clear frame
See a fake [See it
Promethazine in my styrofoam [Styrofoam
Come to a fate [To it
Police came with adderall [Addy
On fool's day [Damn
My bitch thick like Kash Doll [Kash Doll
When you bust down M's
Make sure it's with yo real dawg [With yo real dawg
Ice dreams used to kick this shit

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