GTP Daidoe – Huge Lifestyle
Genre Rap

Huge Lifestyle

Feat. BabyTron

Verse 1GTP Daidoe

We can get it white or we can get it tan
I can take off with a 100K, just need the perfect BIN
Store's full, I need to make some space just for the VPN
Lately I been fucking with the white and I just play with scams
Damn, I can go
Yo bitch eat dick, I'm really tryna take off with her head
We tote big Glocks, just say the word and you gon' end up dead
You ain't kill nothing, just be capping tryna say you did
I'll pimp something like the extras on a Wonder Bread
We gon' hit the road for the shh, I don't Wonderland
I know a hooper that's gon' shoot the bag, he don't know how to jam
Damn, I need a real bitch
That's on the shit doing her day, ain't gotta steal fits
Uncle said he barely hit the baggy but it still hit
Shorty only had a shot of Henny and she still lit
I don't care if baby got a nigga, I'ma still trick
I was fucking hoes before puberty
Bitch mad, I just wanna fuck, this bitch ain't used to me
Brodie got a chain for ten racks, it's a Cuban link
Bro like, "Why you sleeping with that Glock?", How I'm supposed to sleep?
Aye, I ain't got no heart
I put blood and tears in this shit, you don't want no part
Mix the Sprite with some red shit, I'm 'bout to make it dark
Fucked the pussy for a couple minutes, 'bout to make it fart

Verse 2BabyTron

I been scamming five plus, fuck yo EDD
I been passing plays 'round this bitch like fuck a CV3
I'll knock yo power clean out like fuck a DTE
One profile, two punches, I make three a piece
Big wood, big Triple S, lifestyle huge

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