Grizzle – Mafia 3
Genre Rap

Mafia 3

Radio Announcement

Now for some stories
Violence is up by forty seven percent


I leave the building out the back door
Mac four to your backbone
You lie on the pavement
Still before the cops say freeze
Yeah it's that cold
Son of a preacher man playing on the radio
Crown on the king, price on my head, heavy
Hop out the bel air chevy
My MO be to wipe out all these mobs
Rain down on these sobs
No rats on my ghetto cheese
Clear accounts when I sеttle fees
I recollect whеn I had no connects
Swam to the swamp, couldn't find me a deck
Water level right above my neck
Bet they thought I was never a threat
Bad blood, blood bath
Rated r, don't cut that
Baptized in your own blood in a church
Pay for your sins, God told me to go purge that
I'm in the strip club, back office right behind where her butts at
Night shift done, five am, you can go home take a bus back
Back to the mission
What's your position?
Another dead body gone missing
One time when I aim I don't miss it
Big talk, I don't listen
I hear sirens
Behind all the sounds of violence
Bodies piling, bitches wilding
Smeared makeup, that's what she styling
Who's she dialing?
Demons, screaming
Glocks is beaming
In a warehouse with the chemicals steaming
Cops surround us trying to bring the SWAT team in
Scheming, just to get even
Can't believe all the tales that he weaving
Golden hour, it's a fine old evening
Crip walk on a henchman while he creeping
If I go out like this, you ain't leaving
Ducking bullets all the way to the exit
Doubt that I make it to the next hit
Seen a black four door parked outside
I'm on the run, take a walk outside
Me and this beef go way back
Only spit facts, let me state that
You should make this a movie, go and tape that
Sorry momma yeah I had to do it
Had a chance but I fucking blew it
The game is ugly and I always knew it
Got to get a grip before I fucking lose it
Took a few hits
Not looking so good
Shooting pain through my arms in your hood
High speed chases
Blurred out faces
These two minutes done felt like ages
I don't even know how long I'mma last
Highway, do a one thirty on the dash
When I floor it, no brakes, all gas
A truck appeared out the blue, then I crashed

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