With the first pick in the 1992 NBA Draft
The Orlando Magic select Shaquille O'Neal from Louisiana State University


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O'Neal or No Deal
The warm blood be coming cause of the cold steel
The new style equipped with a fuckin' old feel
So real, shittin' on niggas right in their home fields
Ali flow, make a nigga go adios
With some jabs and some body blows
Can you stop me? No
Once that shit registered his face got white like a fondly ghost
Pay some attention
You niggas is carelessly spraying, I aim with ambition
[Can't forget 'bout that patiеnce] that makes me a dangеrous chemist
Niggas flaming they bridges, making dangerous decisions


And if you try to pick this battle you'll probably lose if it's written
That's besides the point
See, you are not the man that I see in my new reflection
As far as recollection, I'll leave you recollecting
Your whole breath was on your chest until you started steppin'
I flip your body for them O's and I ain't talking Tekken
A human weapon, Seven feet of disrespectin'
Under the basket forget your transgression
My man's lesson, to teach these niggas I'm the Sam Ham Dressing
The same lame ass niggas that's the beef, they be forgetting
That I'm the shit, one small emoji
These Twitter-talking homies
Be acting like they Twitter-talking ponies
Inside the promos tryna act lonely
You niggas never on my level, you my opposition
And fuck the game I just want to kill all my competition
My pot to piss in was smaller than niggas' fame
Now imagine if I built me a stall the size of your brain
I'd be squeezing in an empty space
Then I'll have an empty face
Like how I'm getting out this dull, dirty, stupid empty place, Trendy case
Full of fucking fashion and chains
Your fashion is lame
You need to go and facet your brain
For you, it's hard to attain
For me, it's hardly a game
I'm bout to drop a bomb on niggas then buy mama a Range
I'm bout to drop a bomb on niggas then go cop her a chain


What did it come down to, money, chance to win, what was it?
It came down to the best offer
Came down to money
Jerry West made the best deal, made me the best offer and I took it
Me being the young business man that I am, I just took the best deal

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